Occupy Nigeria: Which way my country?

So the strike continues tomorrow. The Federal Govt. has refused to hear the voice of the masses. They are accusing the Opposition of inciting the masses to protest. Can someone please teach President Jonathan, the basic of the Democracy. What is the relevance of the opposition, if not to oppose autocratic policies of the ruling Party. I hear He has ordered the arrest of  Femi Falana, Tunde Bakare, Dino Melaye And Shehu Sanni (Not sure how true this is)

The American Embassy has advised its citizens and get ready for evacuation if strike persists till Friday 20th of January, is our Nation on the verge of a Civil War as predicted by Prof Wole. Soyinka?.

Does the President think, Nigerians are so stupid and docile. What GEJ and his Cabal fail to realise is that everyone has a breaking point no matter how resilient a person might be. Nigerians have gotten to that breaking point. We are tired of suffering and smiling. Like I have always told some friends, Nigeria is a time bomb waiting to explode, the subsidy removal was just the catalyst.

Now we need to demand good governance, basic infrastructure, security (most importantly), cut in Government waste, accountability of every Public Office holder. I am appalled by the Nigerian 2012 budget.

I bet before this year 90% of Nigerians never knew or bother to know the contents of Nigerian Budget. I for one have never bothered to know beyond the figures they quote in the media. Thanks to the social media, most of us are now aware of the wastefulness of our Government.

I have read tweet and arguments of Pro-Subsidy supporters and I just shake my head at the stupidity of most of them.

I am happy that Nigerians have decided to give up the siddon look attitude we have always been known for and decided to change the future of our Land. I am glad, Nigerians have looked beyond the ethinic and religious differences and decided to fight for the future of our children. Thank you, everyone who has taken to the streets to protest for the future of our land. Thank you, everyone who cannot make it to the streets but are supporting the protest through the social media and their own best possible.

We need to teach our government that we know exactly what democracy is about and even though most of our votes are rigged, democracy still remains for the people and by the people.

I fell in love with Aduke's voice the first time, I listed to her song 'lekeleke'...I must say she is good and this song is so on point.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. "Nigeria is a time bomb waiting to explode, the subsidy removal was just the catalyst."

    Word! I said the same thing to my brother in law and sis just now. This was always a time bomb and the subsidy removal merely provided the opportunity for Nigerians to explode on pent-up frustration that had built up over years of suffering.

    Well done, Lara. Well said.

  2. I love how you just slipped Aduke in there randomly as if we wouldn't notice. Hehe. Shall be youtubing!

    The Nigerian government really must think that Nigerians are stupid, otherwise, I cannot for the life of me understand how it would have such a basic disrespect for its people. How can they think they'll increase the cost of such a basic commodity to a relatively astronomical amount overnight and without any prior warnings or announcement and expect everyone to be okay with it? Ridiculous.

    My biggest concern in all of this is that the NLC will agree to a compromise that will still make the cost of living difficult for a good number of the population... Or that the strikes will fizzle out and everyone will come to accept this rubbish. I truly hope that won't be the case.

  3. Somehow I completely missed the video you put up there. Ahhhh now I see the Aduke reference. Lol. Ignore first part of previous comment please.

  4. I don't think there is gonna be a civil war because of subsidy. If anything might cause a war, it will be the Boko Haram issue, but I pray against that.

    No protester was ordered to be arrested, its just social media rumours.

    As for this subsidy issue, its more than meets the eye, believe me. I pray the voice of the masses carry the most weight in the end

  5. That lady has a lovely voice.
    The fuel subsidy removal might end up being the best thing to happen to Nigeria IF we can use people's frustration with the system to start a revolution. I'm glad people are finally realizing that WE can be our own messiah.

  6. Lahrah, I too sincerely believe that subsidy removal was the catalyst while the revolt in other countries finally made us realise that citizens have a voice. I pray that we are all in agreement that reversal of fuel price to 65 is not the ONLY point of this protest.

    p.s. na wa for this Aduke. Opportunity meets readiness meets great voice!