We were 5

Jose, Kristina, I, Fernando and Sandra
We were 5, now we are 2 left.
Yesterday Sandra left, leaving Kristina and I in the incredouble land.
Jose always talked about how he would be the last one standing and we all thought Fernado would surely be the one. He is the only none intern who was a permanent staff with Norvartis, but he was the first to leave. He got employed in Norvatis Brazil and had to go back home. Jose started another internship in TCS Hungary. 

My Visa expires in the next 23days, I am still dragging my feet about extending...besides that, I hear it is difficult to extend in Hyderabad, most visa extensions are turned down... One thing I am certain of for now is that I am going back to school next year, where exactly it will be is still an issue. For now, I am checking out schools and hoping I get to study in the country of my choice.

It has been a roller-coaster year...these last 10months has been wonderful, challenging and pretty much crazy. With these people I have lived, dined, partied, and travelled, The flat is empty without them. We have become family and my year and past shall never be written without them in it.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I hope you get a visa extension...but trust me visas and permits are more of political hassles than anything else. Good luck !!

  2. Awww...hope you do get an extension. Those memories are what money cannot buy. Whatever happens, have fun.

  3. Awwww....you guys look like you had the time of your lives..Hopefully you get a visa extension but if not, just make another country your next stop!

  4. awwwww...Goodluck in whatever you decide to do.

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun, anyway whatever happens, all the best...chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

  6. Experiences like these are to be treasured! I love your smiles in the pictures and wish you the best in whatever you decide.

  7. Great memories are helped by great pictures. Thank God for cameras :P

  8. ehya... I wish you the best in that... Goodluck. You are enjoying seriously! haha

    I just cant seem to exchange places. haha

    - LDP

  9. awwww i can only imagine. You would surly miss them. I wish you all the best. I pray you get the visa extension. lemme try one more aggressive prayer with God lol.

  10. Looks like you've been having a really awesome time. Good luck with the school search.