Travelogue-Indian Attraction: Araku Hillstation

Day 2 of the trip: Araku valley.

The train trip to Araku valley is the best part of the trip. Araku is about 115kilometres from Vizag and a famous hill stations in the state. I fell in love with the rich and green landscape. The train ride from Vizag to Araku took 5hours and in all we passed a total of 57tunnels, several bridges, rice fields, coffee plantations, waterfalls and valleys and numerous hills.

5:20am at the Vizag train station, waiting for the train to Araku, train arrived at the station at 6am and left 6:40am.

The Train interior

Borra Caves

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!Picture #2's hawt!!!And #8 too!!!lol!!!Niiice!Mwauh!!!!!

  2. You are looking good Larah! So is the scenery. That train interior is interesting :p

    London trains have spoilt me no be small.

  3. Nice pictures o but I tell you, I don't think I am this adventurous o. U enter inside cave? Hang one leg on top bridge take picture... oh boy!
    I need to step up my game. I lived in Singapore for 3yrs and never visited the most attractive place there - The Sentosa. lol
    Spare me the ebu o. lol

    - LDP

  4. Wow. Lovely pics. Unusual views too. Lovely new feel and look to your blog. Seems you're having lots of fun!

  5. Nice pictures...incredible india indeed...i want to visit taj mahal if i ever come there :D

  6. oh yes, you really do look talkative, and pixative...nice pix

  7. this looks like a fun fun adventure!

  8. ha!!!U b Vyn girl o..I want that Sari in your profile is sooo lovely!!!