Travelogue-Bangalore (The Garden City)

I was in the Bangalore for the weekend with my fellow Nigerians and our wonderful Cameroonian host, Pascal.  Bangalore is probably the only Indian City where one will run into many Africans on the street. Even though, Bangalore is so organized, I still love my Hyderabad.  The clubs in the city close at 11.30pm, and the clubs require dancing license for people to be able to dance. Never heard of dancing license till I got to Bangalore.

Bangalore is not a city of natural resources or aesthetic monuments or Temples...all these the city makes up for with remarkable architectural designs. My eyes took most of the pictures than my camera.


Chinedu, I, Pascal (Our host) and Feran
Olio Lounge

65ft Shiva statue
Colour blocking/riot any one join
Ulsoor Lake
Getting our the dolls
Partially put together, auto rickshaw aka keke  Napep

Off to the club
I burnt my feet at the temple and I was told slippers was not allowed in the club so had to wear Pascal canvas which was definitely not my size.

Brigade street
♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I think they visited this place in one of the episodes of Amazing Race. Your pics show you guys had loads of fun.

  2. I somehow wish to meet more Nigerians here...somehow o....You are having loads of fun o..dancing license ke?

  3. Lol @ dancing licence.
    You sure are having fun in India. I'm still jelux! :)

  4. Sha ma gbadun bi era inu suga (Just be enjoying like ant inside sugar)

  5. looks like you had @ dancing license.abeg explain o

  6. Been ages I came here! Glad to know you are still having fun in India.

    Dancing licence to dance?????

  7. cute sandals *winks*. nice pics dearie, seems you had a lot of fun

  8. U r absolutely glowing in these pictures!D hair,d skirt n d color red's doin it for u!
    U need d divulge d full deets behind this trip!

  9. looks like you had loads of