TCS-AIESEC Global Village II: (Cooking Business) 26th February

The Nigerian Dish was Moin moin (Beans Cake) and Vegetable Soup
I did not appear in most of the cooking pictures because I and some people had to go to the market to get the ingredients that was wrongly purchased for us.
@ Sweetness: Dal is a different kind of beans, totally different from our Nigerian type of is refered to in English as Kidney beans and used to make a soup similar to the Yoruba Gbegiri soup (Beans Soup)... and the leaf was not our Ugwu, I did not get the name but it is very good replacement for the Ugwu leaf.

One issue with getting food ingredient here in India is that, they do not know it by the names we are used to in Nigeria or any other part of the world. So when we saw the type of beans that the logistics team had bought, i just even sure we would get to prepare anything. The chick in charge kept arguing that it was Kidney beans she was told to buy and said their was nothing they could do about it. They also bought banana for the Cameroonian and Ghanaian instead of Plantain. We insisted on going to the market ourselves and get what we want. We were provided with a driver and money to go to the make ourselves and after about 2hours of going round Chennai, we got what we wanted, beans and plantain....

The bean we got so tiny and peeling the skin off was another wahala on its own, the skin refused to peel after one hour and we were running out of time. I was of the opinion that we scrap it, since the soup self ready, then Dotun came up with the idea that we blend the beans with the skin still on it. We did just that, and it turned out well...just black and no one bothered to ask why the finished product was different from what was on the pamphlet.

Feran (Naija Clan) The lastest addition to the TCS Naija Family


My Home girl Feyi and Edward from Kenya

Adedotun, Catching his fun

Off to prepare the dish

Iryna from Ukraine

Brazilian Crew

Sergie and Assel representing Kazakhstan
Edward and Diana from Kenya
Eric from Ghana
Ivorian guy
The Germans doing their thing.
Ferenc (The ACE program Coordinator) from Hungary
By the time every one was done with the cooking and the event proper was to start, I was already full from tasting dishes up and down. We did not get a picture of our special moin moin because, by the time it was ready, event proper had started. 
Final product of all long hours of labor:

The Efe riro (Vegetable Soup)

Molara Brown


  1. Nooooo. you guys are cheating. What did you do to my Nigerian dishes? everything is looking too foreign and tush lol. How far with this plantain cake? Havent heard of that before!