Aunty Comfort

As a child, I hated food
For me, food was torture
Memories of family member forcing food down my throat is still vivid.
Even the househelps had the right to beat me to eat.
A slice of bread was too much for me.

Despite my hatred for food.
I always looked forward to the trip to Egbaland
Where I get to enjoy Aunty's Comfort's dish.
It was only food made by Aunty Comfort, that I devour
with no questions, and happily.

Aunty Comfort was the cook at my Uncle's hotel in Abeokuta.
She was the wife of the Hotel manager.
Aunty Comfort was a sweet and lovely woman.
I loved her humily and her cheerfulness.

The last time I saw Aunty Comfort was last June
I was in Egbaland for my Cousin's half brother's 50th Birthday.
I was glad to see her.
Aunty Comfort was able to walk.

She had an accident 2 years before in the premises of the hotel.
Some drunk idiot in the process of reversing his car had her into the wall.
Details of the accident is still a shock to witness.
The distance of the car to where she was more than a kilometer.
No one saw the car coming with full speed on reverse.

Crazy thing was, her children left for Ghana the day before
They wanted her to move to Ghana with them.
Aunty Comfort refused
She has been in Nigeria for so long
and was not ready to be separated from her husband.
She had been bed-ridden for the 2 year
Every one was so happy when she finally able to walk

Aunty Comfort passed away  2 weeks ago
She died in her sleep.
She has since been buried in her hometown in Ghana.
May her soul rest in perfect peace.
2011 is looking turning out to be a year of turmoil and more death.
Yes, Countries are fighting for liberation from their leader.
I was having lunch, when the video of Christchurch earthquake was shown on TV.
It did not click in my head that it was real.
It looked more like watching a scene from "The day after tomorrow" or all those world coming to an end movies.
Then it dawned on me, this was real.....
I have friends in New Zealand, for a very long time, I could not remember who lives in Christchurch.
All I knew was a friend lives there, and I kept telling my lithuanian flatmate/teammate that I have a friend in the city

I was shivering all over, lunch and my mood was over...even with LDP telling me my friend was okay, I did not rest till I finally answered my call. He was in shock, his home was gone, and I think he lost some close friends. 
Also found out that a classmate at the university also passed away and yesterday was her wake keep. 

All I can say his my the Good Lord grant all departed, eternal rest and may He give their families and loved ones the strength to bear the loss.

Thank you so much LDP 

Molara Brown


  1. May Aunt Comfort rest in peace.

    Does LDP live in NZ? I thought he was in Australia? OMG, we've been seeing the videos and I commented somewhere to commiserate. God rest those who are gone.

  2. @Myne LDP lives in NZ, but in Auckland.

    @YNB: I am oh, still learning to live like them Indians

  3. RIP Aunty Comfort.
    Yes, there;ve been too many deaths this year, lets be thankful cos we're still here.
    May God be with LDP and every other friend and family out there in troubled zones.