Merry Christmas...wishing you all a love and fun filled Christmas...

Yesterday was work free day for us at TCS.
Like some people said, we were lucky to get a work free day, as India is not a Christian Nation.
So yesterday, Kristina, Sandra and I went out to tour Hyderabad.
The girls did not inform me that I was to take my resident permit, I actually thought Chaminar was a market. I was so mad when I was told to pay 100Rupees instead of 5Rupees the other girls and Indians payed.

Charminar (Telugu: చార్ మినార్, Hindi: चार मीनार)  meaning "Mosque of the Four Minarets" and "Four Towers" is the most famous mosque and monument in the city of Hyderabad, capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Charminar is also home to Hyderabadi Pearls and Jewellery...If you are planning an Indian themed wedding, Charminar is the place to get the very best in Hyderabad. We did not get pictures of the Market, we were busy looking and forgot to take pictures.

Chaminar...home of De Chaminar van Haidrabad..."The Arc de triomphe of the East"

Chaminar...home of the Makkah Masjid...one of the oldest and biggest Mosques not only in Hyderabad, the whole of India.

Pictures of the Girls and I

This is all I can post for now...make sure to enjoy the holiday and make the best of it...Happy Holiday people.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India 

Molara Brown


  1. haaaaay...nice one, i see that you're having loads of fun in India...do it all, don't let anything pass you by, its just one life we've got to live...kisses

    Merry Christmas dearie

  2. Someone is having fun. Merry christmas.

  3. *Hmmm,Looking good Laura,Lara*!