Story of my life

Same time, last Sunday... I was not sure of anything. On Friday, the 3rd of December, I resigned from my job with immediate effect. I was jobless and angry with my mum, she was denying me the opportunity of a life time. I had planned to travel to Abeokuta and hang out with my Bestie till I was sure of the next step to take.

Thing is, I did not want to leave the country with out my parents permission or consent. I spoke to a friend on Saturday the 4th of Dec, and he told me to go back to my mum and make her understand how much this opportunity means to me.

I was selected for a one year Human Resources Internship with Tata Consultancy Services in India and for me this is a dream come through. Mum did not have any issue with it when I told her,then she spoke to my dad and she changed mouth. Now I know you never become an adult to your parent because they believe they still always make the best decision for you.

When I talked with mum last Sunday, she did not even allow me finish and just agreed. She was surprised I had gone ahead to apply for my visa after she had told me she wasn't allowing me go.

She is allowing me go on one condition that I come back at the end of my internship, no staying back or have any plan to settle in india.

The last one week has been crazy, my start date is Dec 1 so I am already as of today, 12 days behind schedule. Getting a ticket self was Wahala. I come from a pretty much close maternal family and I have had to practically visit almost every one to tell them of my intending trip.

I leave on Tues the 14th, and fly to Mumbai but my final destination is Hyderabad. I shall be spending a day or two with friends in Mumbai.

What the future holds I know not but I intend to trust in my God and utilize every opportunity.
A wonderful week to you all.

♥ Lara 

Molara Brown


  1. Congratulations!!! So happy for you

  2. WOWWWWW!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!LUCKY YOU!!!!YOU GOOOO!!!HAVE FUN along the way!!!!

  3. Wow, what an excellent opportunity! I wish you all the best!!!

  4. wow! now i undastand d tweet about ur waiting at 'emirates n all :)
    congrats dearie, no 4get us o

  5. nice .....
    congrats ....
    and keep the condition oooo
    and keep tweeting/blogging

  6. awwww....all the best love! May your trip be fulfilling and dont go and marry there! lol

  7. WOW...a great opportunity for you
    am happy you took the bulls by the horns...
    ...dont regret it for one day no matter how hard it may get, you made the right choice...
    ...what you choose to do afterwards is your business, dont sign any treaty with anybody, even your mum

    keep the flag flying ok...we'll be reading you

    stay safe