2nd of November
Five Years ago
Was on a Wednesday.
On the 2nd of November, 2005

The Muslim faithfuls like I were preparing for the Id El-fitri prayers
The month of Ramadhan came to an end the day before.
It is a day of joy and prayers.
I looked forward to it.

On my way home from school,
Mum called, She had to go to the hospital
An aunt was ill and it was serious.

She had battle breast cancer
It was a long  journey, she overcame cancer.

Some months back she fell on from the stairs
She was rushing to call some people preaching outside her house.
They thought it was just a sprain,
an operation on the leg at the Igbobi Orthopaedic crushed that thought.
I went to visit, while she was there.
That was the last time I saw here.

A loving and dutiful wife, she was
A beautiful mother, she was
and most of all a wonderful aunt.

She was a role model
She never minced her words
She never treated her children differently
I always looked forward to visit to her house during the holidays.

The doctors said the leg was not healing properly.
It had been in POP, so nobody knew
The leg was decaying.
They were thinking of an amputation.

On the 2nd of November 2005
Death snatched her away from us.
Death took away her smile, her wise words.
Depriving her the joy of motherhood.

She was not there to hand over Toyin to her husband
She never got to meet Toyosi's husband
and She will not be there to see 'Labisi  from graduate medical school.

I miss her,
any time I see any of her children
I miss her.
but I know I can never miss her more than her children.

Yes she is gone,
Yesterday, 2nd of November
Made it five years, departed this world

Allah knows better for taking her away from us.
All we can now do is ask forgiveness for her sin
And pray,
Allah grants her Al-Jannah Firdaus

♥ Lara 

Molara Brown


  1. May her soul continue to rest in peace and May God continue to comfort you and her family and grant you all peace.

  2. This is really sad. *Sigh*.
    It's nice of you to keep the good memories alive.