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Yellow-Yellow by Kaine Agary
I know am like three years late reading this book, I got captivated by the first page of the book when I first sighted it in 2008 in hands of a fellow student. I have always wanted to read the book and the opportunity came when I had visited the Unilag bookshop in search of Chimamanda Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck. Disappointed and wanting a book to read and I bought Yellow-Yellow.
Although I do not like the way the book ended, I must say it is okay...never really read anything on the Niger Delta Issues, so I guess this book transported me to the region and gave me an insight into the real issues.

Zilayefa, refered to "Yellow-Yellow" , is 'a young girl of Greek and Nigerian parentage, who leaves her rustic experience and the protective grip of her mother in the village, in search of a better life in the city. With a recommendation from her church pastor, she is taken in and catered for by Sisi, an elderly woman, and her young friend, Lolo'.

Been watching a lot of Reality Shows lately, Big Brother Africa 5 tops the list, even though I am already bored by the show because it is becoming too predictable especially when Munya is up for eviction. Ruby and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane on TSN is also a must watch for me, whenever I am home weekends.


My current play list is Lagbaja's latest album and my favorite songs on the Album is Did I and Bling Bling Panda. A typical Lagbaja song, Did I is a love song between a Naija and A lady, though this time, she is an Oyinbo. The Spanish speaking chick in Did I's video is hot and cute, love the concept of the video and she sure has a sweet voice.
♥ Lara 

Molara Brown


  1. I look forward to reading Yellow-Yellow. By the way, did you see my book in the Unilag store? I hear it should be there. what of the action on BBA with the fighters, lol...

  2. Your book was not there when I visited, it was one of the reason I had visited the book shop. I am looking forward to get your book. BBA is on another level jo,

  3. I've seen the "Did I" video and I knnda like

  4. Oooooh i miss BBA!!!!Let me know who exits!!!!Then again,yeahhh,i can busy online too!Lol@Kimora,i also watch then casually.

  5. Yes, "Did I"

    I like the video toomush.

  6. I'm most happy to hear about Yellow-Yellow. My husband's visited Niger, but I haven't. However, the PBS did a fabulous segment on the region about a year ago.

    I long ago stopped watching our Big Brother. It's same ole, same ole. Actually, reality TV turned me off when I saw a photo of the camera crew and personnel behind those Survivor beach scenes. It's all just gimmicks.

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