Bus Gbege: Agborodun

Thank God it's Friday, had a really stressful week and surely not going to have any rest this weekend. 
Taking my lil sis, Zainab shopping on saturday for her school provisions, she goes back to school on monday. On sunday, off to Ilisan to go drop, Aisha's laptop with her, don't know what I was thinking when I volunteered to take the laptop to school for her.

Discussing my bus experience is going to be a regular on this blog, what have i not seen or heard in the bus...the bus is a world on its own, where people are never afraid to be themselves or show that side of them, even the closest person to them has never experienced.  

Today, I left the house on hour earlier than my usual, the traffic has crazy lately and most times I get to work late. The road was unusually free this morning, guess the tanker drivers who usually queue to enter the Tincan port overslept...in my mind, thinking I will get to work early today, the driver and conductor of the bus I entered decided to show their craze.

At the National Petrol Station, just before the Tincan second gate, we saw a bus packed, all its passengers out with its driver fighting with one of the passengers. A normal sight in Lagos, you would say, just as I said to myself...before we knew it, the driver of our bus packed and jumped out the car with his conductor to join in the fight. I was stunned, every thing was like film trick...more like the guy forgot he was going somewhere or that he actually had it in mind that the people in the bus had a place to go to which is called work.

For more than thirty minutes, we sat and waited for the two idiots to come back to the bus...the dumb policeman in the bus, that we thought was going to go help get the mad driver and conductor, also joined in beating the guy the drivers were fighting with...I was mad, I could not even say anything...the spot he packed us was so muddy, so we were stuck in the bus and looking on till they stop their madness and hoping it was soon.

The two  idiots even followed the crowd into a big company they all entered and were actually beaten out of the premises before they remembered they had left some people in their bus. They were not even apologetic and just kept saying they had to help their man out and can not  go on without been there for him.

I just was not interested in the gist, in short nobody was...every one one was angry and some people kept telling the driver they wished someone had broken his head in the fight or something more terrible had happened to him...all I wanted to do was to get to get out of the bus and get to work

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. hahaha!!! I see I'm not the only one with bus gist!! Nice one hun!

  2. Bus drivers and conductors are in a class of their own honestly, lol...

  3. If there is any good side to all the things I have seen in Lagos since I came around, its the humour. Those things always got me laughing. I dont think I've ever been angry at scenes like that. I just wouldn't stop laughing. lol

    - LDP

  4. You sure have joined Sugarking's club :)
    But that policeman is something else...

  5. LMAO...is that askari for real....ahhhh, buses never cease to amuse me i tell you...hope u did make the office in good time though

  6. looool, Lagos o!
    I wonder what the guy did that they were beating him.

    Tuke's Quest