Did i say my next god-child was expected in a matter of weeks in my last post...
She actually came to this world two days after...on the 22nd of May. Her naming was on friday the 29th.
My two god-daughters share the same birth month.
I had to travel to Abeokuta for Leah's naming ceremony. My cousins asked if the naming had been in abuja, would I go and I said yes, since it was on a public holiday what is stopping me except finance.

Leah's mother is my best of all my friends. I was actually her maid of honor. I believe the way we all value our friends are different and I really appreciate her a lot.
Leah's names are up to 20, every one was just giving her name...Did not give her any just had to pick one out of all and I love the name Leah. I never knew it was a biblical name, i just like it.

She is a beautiful baby and I don't know why but just like Lateefah, she sleeps alot. She just smiles...eat and sleep. She is a blessed child... born of love, in love... and out of love.

She makes me want to have a child of my own just now but that is just not going to happen yet.
I was over-whemeled when i saw her and couldn't help myself but carry her and stayed with her all day.
She is one kid I have been drawn to asides my my lil-sister.

Molara Brown

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