"Biala"- Like a dream

Biala-Like a dream,

Biala Lateefah- dat is the name of my recently born god-daughter.

At only twenty four, i already have two god-children. The first one born seven years ago. My friends think I am that responsible. Biala was born on thurday, may 7 of this year. Biala is a very unique name as it is not a common name. I actually have never heard anyone called by it and I mean to ask the mother why she was given such name. The father actually named her that, which is really sweet to me. I guess her conception and birth was like a dream to them because i really can't imagine why such a name. But I really love that name.

Biala is such a beautiful baby just like her mother. Her mother and I have been friends or like three years now and it's like I have known her all my life. She is such a wonderful person and we were so inseperable during our hanging out days.

Biala is such a quiet and cool baby, she sleeps a lot and cries less. I pray to God to give her a wonderful life.
My next god-child is expected in a number of weeks...this is my besto's baby and I pray to God to grant her a safe delivery....

Molara Brown