Equal rights and justice

The song coming of the car stereo was some serious old school.
I’m an old school fan but not really this one, maybe because I never heard these ones before. But the driver seems to be a huge fan, as he kept humming the songs.A particular song caught my interest and on inquiry was told the artist was by Peter Touch-not that I ever heard of him.

But the words of the song were what I was really interested in not the artist. It was so straight- forward and blunt. The about was about equal rights and justice.It reminded me off the Niger Delta crisis and particularly, the Israel-Gaza war which occurred some months ago.It goes thus:
“Everyone is crying out for peace, nobody is calling out for justice.
Equal rights and justice”.
Yes, this is what we need; this is what the legit agitators of Niger Delta are demanding.
The other day, my aunt asked for my view on the Niger-Delta crisis and I said I wasn’t sure. Now I know, what these people are asking for is not too much, it rightfully belongs to them. Their land and oil has been taken away, their wealth was used to develop the capital cities of Lagos and Abuja. While they live in penury, disease and all kind of misfortune one can imagine.

The peace we cry for is at the detriment of the lives and values of this people. The federal government feeds on the revenue of the oil extracted from these regions but is not ready to feed the people.

On television we see how deplorable the lands have become, there is not good land to cultivate on, and the water is contaminated by the toxic waste of the oil companies.These people are left at the mercy of the oil companies.

The legit agitators of the Niger-Delta region have the right to fight for the development of their state. Even if it means they have to go war with the federal government.The moment justice is done to these people, and then can there be peace in the region.

The Israeli invasion of Gaza strip was not something I paid much attention to, until I got the message on my phone to pray and fast for Muslim brothers in Gaza. I am a Muslim and  love being a Muslim.. I don’t blindly follow the words of some mortal like myself, who had decided to misquote the Holy Quran based on his own selfish desire.

I remember reading the papers the where the Israeli government said the war was not based on superiority but to pass across a message. I don’t know much about the long war between these two countries but I believe the Israelites have paid their dues and should not be denied their lives and land. The Israelites had weighed all options, decided, even though lives were going to be lost; they have to fight for what is theirs. The battle has been on for too long and the earlier they put a stop to it the better.

Every day of our lives, we are told to embrace peace and over-look the injustice done to us, if we continue to just that, the injustice in the world would rise to a great height. We cannot continue to be trampled upon and be expected to just look away, all in the name of peace. The moment we fight for our right and be treated equally and with justice, then can we have and get the kind of peace we demand in this world.

Yes, war leads to loss of innocent lives but to get justice, we somethimes have to shed some blood.

Molara Brown

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