Weekend Road Trip: Osogbo and Ile-Ife

Osogbo and Ile-ife were the destinations for the month of May.

So this is my second time visiting Ile-Ife this year. I visited Osogbo along with 2 others and it was a fun trip.

We hired a car at the Ojota new garage and headed straight to Osogbo.

The journey took about 3 hours, the first stop was the Osun-Osogbo Grove.

The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a sacred forest along the banks of the Osun river in Osogbo, Osun state. Founded over 400 years ago, the grove which 
is the largest of the sacred groves that have survived to the present is dedicated to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility. The Grove is a place of worship, and it is the site of the annual Osun-Osogbo festival.

Entrance fee is 200 Naira and 1000 Naira for cameras.

We moved on to the residence of Susanne Wenger, the Austrian artist to be later known as "Adunni Olorisha". Sussanne became a priestess of Osun following years of studying the deepest mysteries of Yoruba traditional beliefs. 

I have seen a fair share of "Ebo-Sacrifice" on the streets of Lagos, but the amount I saw in this house was just too much. If you are deeply religious (Christianity or Islam), you might want to pass on visiting this house. 

So we got lost trying to find Nike gallery in Osogbo, the person who gave us direction sent us on one long journey that we ended up in Ede trying to locate the gallery. 

We found the gallery sha after about 1 hour of driving around. Actually, we found the hotel from which we were taken to the gallery.

We stopped briefly at the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park in Osogobo.

We went to Ile-ife that night, got a hotel, had dinner and went to bed.

The next morning, we got up bright and early to explore Ife town. First stop was the Ori Olokun statue.

Next was the Palace of the Ooni of Ife and the Moremi Statue. We got a guide this time who told us the history of the Palace, Ile-ife and Moremi.

We were exhausted after the Moremi statue and skipped the visit to Opa Oranmiyan. We got back to Lagos around 4PM. 

Osun State is a must-see for anyone with an interest in Yoruba history, art, culture, and religion. 

Photos were taken with my mobile phone 
Pictures of me were taken by travel partner, Idoko

Until my next trip

Molara Brown


  1. This is beautiful. We have so many beautiful places in Nigeria that each time I read of one or visit one I'm always super excited. I should put Ile-ife and Osogbo on my travel wish list.

    Great post! I'm a first timer here, found your blog through twitter and I hope to visit more often. Cheers!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was quite the trip. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh my gosh. I can't believe it. After like 3 years, your blog posts are finally appearing on my blogger dashboard again

    1. 3 years ke, Blogger must be on a roll.

      Thanks for always reading mam.

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful. Osogbo has been on my list for the longest time and this post is making me want to go there like right now. LoooL. Nice post...xxx


    1. You should visit as soon as you can.

      Thank you for reading,