Benin Republic: A Pit Stop at the Musée Ethnographique de Porto-Novo

I am never really one for Museums, mainly because I am not allowed to take pictures.
Sandra planned the whole trip and I never paid attention to the itinerary. Our first stop in Porto-Novo was the Ethnographic Museum.

It was interesting to learn about the history of the people of Benin Republic and I got to steal some shots while the guide talked on. Entrance fee was 1000CFA, if I remeber correctly. The Museum reminds me of the National Museum, Lagos.

It was interesting to hear a totally different version of Yoruba, I could not understand jack and dude kept insisting he was speaking Yoruba. But after struggling to communicate in Cotonou, I was glad to finally hear a variation of my beloved language even though it was equally frustrating trying to figure out what was been said.


Molara Brown


  1. You and your globe-trotting ways make me jealous *face-palm*. Why is there a bowl of weevil-infested beans in the museum though.

  2. Certainly a lot to learn about (West) Africa from the looks of it.. Maybe an addition of a road trip across it to the bucket list?

  3. Blessings.......
    thanks..nice photos.
    Oh lovely.....
    of course i went searching to understand what you have beautifully presented here.

    If its ok, I will like to share?
    Here is some of what i found.

    The photo of the figure covered with straw and horns is the Zangbeto, a deity, the guardian of the night, the one who settles disputes and implements solutions.

    The guys dancing with the sticks are doing the Vodoun traditional dance

    The solo guy with drum squatting, he is the story teller depicting the oral traditions of teaching the way of life/the rituals passing it on generation to generation.

    This is so rich.
    thank you for sharing.

  4. Lol @ the Yoruba!

    Niceee... Would love to visit some kind of museum sef, don't think I have been to one sha

  5. This is lovely Molara :)
    You take very lovely photos!!

  6. Interesting place to visit, even more so beautiful photos!

  7. Planned to visit Cotonou in April, still haven't gone. Place to stay, money to budget, etc. Will love to do so one of these days still...

  8. Wow, that is very nice. I wish I could document my travels like you do and publish them. We share a similar passion for travel. In fact we have a lot more in common despite our age gap. Like you, I am also an AIESECer and I did my traineeship 26 years ago with Citibank in Zurich and it was a life changing experience for me. I also have a passion for travel and I have travelled the world except Asia, Far East and the West Coast of Africa or even Africa as a whole. I have travelled extensively in Europe and USA but i know my continent less. Thats why I admire it when I see you exploring Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa in general keep it up.