How I spent the day on my 29th birthday

This is the first birthday I am spending alone with no friend or family around.

No one in my office knew it was my birthday and luck for me it was on a weekend.
My mum woke me up with her call, she wished me happy birthday and was asking why I did not cook any food to share with the beggars at ‘Oja Oba’.

My mum has this ‘sara’ tradition for birthdays, hers and my sisters included…everywhere she will cook food and share for beggars on our behalf and if that is not possible she will share money to them.

I am not against this tradition but it is not something that pops into my head as something to follow.
I told her I was not in the mood to cook anything and she suggested I break money into smaller denomination and share to beggars.

What my mum did not realize was that I wanted a lazy day. I had no plan, actually the plan before that day was to go to erin-ijesha for the weekend but then I changed my mind last minute.

Here is the thing after 8 months I still have no friend in this town that is gist for another day.

I spent the day watching movies on my laptop, went out for a solo lunch at my favorite lounge in Ilorin called Chicken Chillers  and back home to my movies.

I really did not mind that I had no friend to share my day with in this town.
I was content with the calls, BBM, and SMS from family and friends.
But it did make me realise the importance of having friends and family around.
And how much I miss them.
I got the best birthday gift 2 day after.

The countdown to big 30 has begun.

I intend to utilize every day of my 29th year on earth.

From Ilorin, the town I call home for now

Molara Brown


  1. Happy birthday in arrears. Wish you a wonderful year ahead.

  2. Dear mum really have a good heart, wouldn't mind having her as a neighbor as I'm sure those around are tapping from her magnanimity.

    The most important thing is you did enjoy your day, abi. But wouldn't be bad to have like one or two people as friends, you know being 'far' from home and all that.

    Do have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Happy birthday in arrears beautiful one. Sometimes, you just want to spend your special day alone o jare. I sorta like your mum's tradition. I wish you the very best now and forever.

  4. Happy Birthday in arrears......Wish you the best of luck in your plan for your next birthday year.

  5. I love your Mom's birthday tradition! very nice and thoughtful. Looked like you devoured that food girl....Lol. Many more healty, happy, and prosperous years to you.

  6. Cheers to counting up to 30 *hug*

  7. Happy belated birthday!
    Your family have a nice tradition. Maybe I should start doing something similar. Anyway, I think being alone allows us to grow as a person even though sometimes it's great to be able to share moments to other people.