Entrepreneurship Don’ts: Weave the soul of the company around you alone

I was in one of Ilorin’s most popular cyber café once to browse and I told the receptionist that I needed the 2-hours ticket. She replied apologetically that it was not available.

Why not print another set?, I asked

I can’t, she replied. The M. D. is the only one who has the access to print tickets. The M. D was out of the office and no one knew when he would return.

I get and understand the actions of the owner of this business.  In this era of unreliable and undependable staffs he needs to protect his business but I must say this is a foolish decision.

His business will fall apart if for example he falls ill and is unable to come to work to print the said tickets and customers find another alternative.

This entrepreneur is not the only one who does this; countless small and medium scale entrepreneurs in Nigeria are guilty of this. If the customer does not see you, they do not even talk to those who you have employed to move the company forward and I ask why exactly they waste their money to employ a staff since they can do it all.

I kind of get it, the business is your baby, nobody knows your dream as much as you.
But then, that is why there is need to employ great talents who would move the dream forward.

Dear Entrepreneur, trust your employees and you would be amaze at how beautifully well, they would build your dream even beyond your imagination.


Molara Brown

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