K is for Köln

Köln (Cologne) was my go -to city when I wanted variety. The city I visited when the stores in Bonn run out of a product I want, be it clothing, shoes or whatever, Köln was sure to have it.

Köln has something for everyone; the tourists, the residents and visitors from the neighboring towns surrounding it, which is why you are guaranteed to meet people from all over the world visiting all year round. The most popular attraction in Köln is the historic and one time world tallest building, the Köln Dom which is regarded as a masterwork of medieval Gothic architecture. For the museum lovers, there is the  Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Roman-German Museum) situated right behind the Koln Dom which houses artifacts from the Köln area dating from prehistoric times through the Roman and Germanic periods.

For the shopaholics, the city centre is filled stores for the big and small budgets. Köln is the shopping mecca of the North Rhine Westphalia

It was at the Köln station, I first saw gay couple displaying PDA without a care, I also witnessed my first gay parade in the city and orishirishi endless parade that they keep having.

Worthy of mention is the Rhine which runs through Köln, A boat ride across the Rhine allows one take in the view of Köln Old town.






  1. I've always been a bit apprehensive about visiting Germany. In your opinion do u think they are still racist?

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