Helping Irma Bejdic

The AIESEC International Congress is the organisation's largest gathering. Every member of AIESEC looks forward to the day when they will finally get to attend one. The congress is attended by the leaders of from all AIESEC countries.

The 2011 AIESEC International Congress was hosted in Kenya, I think the first time in Africa which unfortunately ended with tragedy. A life was lost and Irma was left battling for her life. In August 2011, after AIESEC's International Congress, Irma joined a group of many other young AIESEC leaders taking a bus to the beach for the study tour which is usually organised after the conference.

There was an accident, and the President of AIESEC in Bolivia, Elmer Pérez Requiz,lost his life. Irma lost her right arm and sustained severe head injuries. Once she was stable, Irma was flown to a hospital in Munich, Germany. Irma has undergone several surgeries and still requires several more.

Irma needs 150,000 Euros for the next phases of her treatment, which include facial reconstruction and an artificial arm. So far, a little over 30, 000 Euros has been raised and it is still a long road to 150, 000 Euros.

Irma Bejdic is 23years and a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovinia. She was a member of her country's AIESEC executive board. I do not know Irma, I have never met her, I most likely would never meet her but I know this could happen to any of us.

You can be a part of this girl's story, You can help give Irma a decent life and future.

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Kisses from Bonn
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