Grateful for this minute

My Uncle died on Easter Monday.
I spent the day at work and I complained all through, wondering why I had to go to work, wondering why India was not like the rest of the world. Lamenting why we got Good Friday off last year and not this year.

A friend's brother lost his 4year old son that same morning
The kid had blood cancer, I was meant to visit the kid in Bangalore as I had been communicating with the father and helping them out as best I could from Hyderabad.

While still talking to one of my cousin's about my uncle's death, my friend pinged me on bbm and gave the sad news of the kid's death. 

I spent the night thinking, how while I was complaining, some people did not even have the opportunity to complain. Some people were in  pains, fighting for their lives. Some do not even know what plan for tomorrow because today is still a mystery for them.

I have taken a lot of things for granted this past year, I have lost track and most importantly cannot seem to balance my spiritual life.

I am grateful for this minute, this moment...even if I cannot guarantee tomorrow. I am grateful.
I am grateful for my mother, my sisters, for my health and every thing I am blessed with in this world. 

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~Buddha
What are you grateful for?

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. May God comfort you at this time...seems to me your uncle was very dear to the family. I am grateful for life and health, because with those 2 things, anything is possible. Girl, take heart. It is well!

  2. Laura, I am so sorry. May the Good Lord bless you and keep you especially close during this long hour of need. Your spirituality will balance you -- let go, let God.

  3. May God comfort his family. I tell you, we complain too much, we humans. We sometimes fail to realize there are some people who are in worse situations than we are. God has been good to us o and He deserves all our thanks, every second of the day.

    - LDP

  4. my condolences to you and yours dear Lara...

  5. sorry Lara, may God comfort you and your friend.
    am grateful for everything, especially that am alive

  6. I pray for the fortitude to bear the loss for your family and your friend's.

    I'm grateful for life, for love, for family...i'm grateful for everything in short

  7. Hmmm. I am thankful too o. Its only we that are alive that have hope.
    How are you doing now?

  8. I'm thankful for the gift of life. It's such an amazing gift. Right this minute, people are dying & for some reason, God's keeping me here...awesome God

  9. May their souls rest in peace.