Farewell sucks

Life of an Intern: welcomes and farewells...farewells sucks...this is my Skype status, was my BBM and Gtalk status for a while

In between the welcome and goodbye, we have parties, travel, experience the joy of meeting beautiful people, the shocks, the always to be cherished beautiful moments....then it dawns on us, someone writes on the facebook group that they are leaving. We get to say our goodbyes and depending on how close you are to the leaving intern, the more the farewell sucks.

some of the beautiful people I met in this incredible country have left, some are leaving in the next few days, weeks...initially I was always sad, I grew too attached to all these friends. My life here revolves around them that I forget, they would all leave someday.

On Friday, my mum called to tell about the death of a family member...even though, I had the happy go luck face through out the conference. I hurt and burned inside. My friend said, my mum shouldn't have told me but within that minute, 2cousins had changed their BBM status. Crazy how such news cannot be hidden. My mum talked about how they had met at the wedding of a cousin two weeks back. The word, passed away after brief illness is now a crappy word to me. 

This morning, my friend pinged on BBM about how I was right, that farewell sucks...I woke up to the message, and don't know why I felt nothing...no sadness, it just seemed like a normal message to me.

Yeah, farewell still sucks, but at lease we get to say goodbye, we still get to keep in touch thanks to the social media. I would know what he is doing and vice versa.

Saying farewells to people no longer hurts, India is not our final destination...we would all meet back in the motherland or somewhere in the world someday God willing. Not getting the opportunity to say goodbye or saying goodbye knowing you would never wake up to the smiles, the shouts, the laughter; never look forward to the calls and you are left with only memories of a time that used to be, of a person that once existed in your life.

I feel like I have been sitting on an edge, not here nor there and viewing the world from a distance at a pace and  with eyes which belongs to another person.
I am having the time of my life here, memories I will forever cherish, mistakes I would never make again in life...I am experiencing the world, all I have to do now is to change the lens with which I have seen this County and the world and enjoy the remaining months I have here. Even getting absorbed in TCS no longer matters to me, I sort of gave up on that  some few months back. All I want to do is enjoy my time while here, develop more professionally and return back home to my family in good health and happiness.

The holy month of Ramadhan is just days away, I hope and pray to God to make it easy for me, I am so far away from home and on a different timezone to even ask anyone back home to wake me up at night...
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.  A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.  ~Richard Bach
Yeah farewell sucks, especially if the goodbye is forever....Adieu mother of us, Iya Ibeji

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I feel you.

    Sorry about your "loss." Oops is that the right word to use?

    Well, we'll all leave someday...the world is only a stage, we just 'play our part ' and exit the stage.

  2. I agree with azubbie, we all play a part and then we move in. Farewell really sucks. i can imagine. Hope you are okay sha..

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss dear. hugs.
    Do try your best and live in the now and enjoy it. Take heart my dear friend.

  4. I hope you find comfort at this time.

  5. Really sorry about your loss miss.
    May God comfort you and your family.

  6. Death is so brutal *sigh*
    May you find comfort in the fact that the departed is remembered with love.
    Take care of yourself

  7. Really sorry about your loss..true that..farewell sucks

  8. I feel you Lara :)

    I do see that ur status on skype..

    - LDP

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss. May her soup rest in peace. I hope you find your bright spot again, soon. *Hugs* :-)