Footsteps: 6 Months in India

I have never had people in and out of my life as much as I have experienced in the last 6months...I have met pretty awesome people, I have met the crazy ones and the ones who are just too dumb to know the world does not revolve around them alone.

The Brazilian moved out of the flat in the beginning of the month, he moved in with his friends...dude gave us only 3days notice which I found really stupid, we just had to let things go.

The Colombian is moving to Hungary as soon as he gets his visa, we have less than a month with him...even though I rant about the dude alot, he is one lovely least I will miss his crazy laughter.

From the excitement, to shock, the joys, the beautiful moments, the sadness and some stupid moments. Living in India is a dream come true, but I must confess the culture shock was really huge. There was those days, I just wanted to go change my flight date and run out of India.

Indian never for a day stops to amaze me...She laughs at you, smiles with you, is never gentle and most importantly is real...what you see is what you get, there is no pretense to her.

The last 6 months has been filled with ups and downs, crazy moments, I have explored and exploited the woman in me... I have grown and I see the world better...the challenges has been pretty awesome and they have enabled me grow and understand not just my personal life but also the professional one...and I must say, living in India has been one of my best life decisions ever asides from joining AIESEC. 

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Glad you had a great time, there's nothing to experiencing other cultures and meeting new people to broaden ones horizons and world view. All the best.

  2. Am glad you are having a blast dear. I would love to visit India. Take care.

  3. glad you dont regret your decision.


  4. When all is said and done, you'll have grown in age, maturity and wisdom. You'll return with a thick skin

    Your patience would have been truely tested, you'll be more tolerant of people, your adaptability to situation/circumstances would have soared and in all, you'll have learnt that everyone comes into one's life for a reason, you'll by experience know that:


  5. That's what travelling does to a lot of people. It opens us up and helps us see things from a wider viewpoint.

  6. So you have been to India? I am jealous of you o, cos I want to go there too (sobs). Please, take me. lol. Enjoy the rest of your stay.
    First time here and following.
    Please, check my blog out at

  7. It really is such an amazing thing to be able to experience other countries and cultures.
    Have fun

  8. i got this huge smile on my face...deja vu is the only explanation..i recall lucky 7 (our trainee flat) nine of was like d UN Secretariat, enriching life experiences...we talked everyday about different cultures...mimic-ed everyones anticipated reaction when they wake up..d dude from Holland will say they invented fun, German imperialist could open beer with almost anything..Polish Peter knew where to get weed cheap in 3days of his arrival (when he left the whole house heaved a sigh of relief, we joked wit Peter you didnt need a smoke...just sniff the couch and you'd get high)..and oh! i was always shocked how we left the kitchen dirty but everytime i wake up its sparkling clean (Bless that Indian lady who gained access to the flat every day 5.30 - 6ish) and Raju baba, he could launder almost anything and before he rides his bike back its dusty all over...and we had the best neighbors always, we moved flats twice in my 3months stay..we partied real hard oaml!!! memories