She and He

He thinks she is in love him
She is not.
He says he would only hurt her
He would only break her heart.
But there is no heart to be broken

Yeah, She likes him
She knows it is different with him
But she most definitely knows it is not love
Yes, She have never been in love
She does not even know what it feels like to be in Love
but she is sure this is not love.

She is a mess
He is a mess
A mishmash of them is disaster worse than the tsunami.

He is a constant reminder of She
He is her mirror
The mirror with which she see her world
He is her image
Even though dreams are different,
They are one and the same.

He, She will get over.
The strong hold he has on her shall be over in time
They have no future together.
She has to break the bond
For true love waits at the end of the street.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. For me that poem will read:
    He thinks she is in love him
    She is. not a nice feeling.

  2. Lovely poem, if a little sad. True love indeed waits...

  3. interesting poem. I actually get it. Some poems am like are you talking about a tree or a human being lol.

  4. Lovely. Poem. Nice of you to stop by.

  5. Hmmm... Nicely scribbled.

    I hope loneliness doesn't bring to fore what SHE wouldn't like because if you 'lack' option, you tend to make the wrong decision atimes. I've been there...


    - LDP

  6. Girl, you can write!! Nice one