Calamitous "YOBO"

I do not lay claim to this taunting statement and neither am I a football fan. I have sub-consciously developed a disinterest for football and practically know next to nothing about that sport, not to now talk of knowing those who make up the Nigerian football team.

Today, I was forced to listen to the Brilla FM, the noise blaring from the radio made listening to the topic discussed unavoidable. The commentators were called the tacklers or something close to that and the show is named football 360 degrees. The so called tacklers were arguing on if Joseph Yobo should be allowed to play in Nation’s Semi-final match in the ongoing Nation’s Cup.

The guy who was particularly against Yobo playing was just screaming into the air and talking about how allowing Yobo play is going to be so calamitous. Yeah, got the name from the guy. He went ahead to talk about how, the team has survived without Yobo to that point and How irrelevant his addition is to the Team’s wining or losing. How placing a guy who was just recovering from injury and who claims a powerful pastor prayed for him would spelt doom for the match next day. He went on screaming, without allowing the other guy make his point; at some point even the moderator’s voice was lost in his screams. Event though he was making some good point, I sure the hell don’t know how people listen to such noise, like he was fighting to make a point.
When the comments came in, he had about 50 comments in his favour, with various names for Yobo, from Doomed Yobo to particularly calamitous Yobo.

Am sure if Yobo, had been listening to that show, he would have been sad and disappointed by the comments. As in seriously, they did not have to describe the guy without some of those words that were used.
If Yobo, gets to play tomorrow, I sure would not know but I really wish them luck and hope he is not as calamitous as they have proclaimed.

Molara Brown

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