Family Madness.......................

When a child raises up his hands to hit his mother, do not blame him because he must have done it to someone else and the mother did not reproach him then and the child simply did not see anything wrong his action.

I remember a Yoruba adage which says omo ti oba fo egbe iya re leti, apada wa fo iya re ni eti meaning a child that slaps his mothers mate would one day come back to slap his mother.

I observe my Ju'mat prayer at Kings College, since apparently there is no Mosque situated in Victoria Island. and that is where this drama occurred.

One of the boys was obviously a trouble maker who was on the verge of a suspension...The school was closing for the session, so the boy's mother and sister came for him.
Can't say what happened, the long story is that the boy's sister slapped a teacher-the sister who slapped a teacher who is old enough to be her mother is not more than 25 oh! with the mother there supporting her daughter and the suspended boy.

This action of the girl brought disgrace on the whole family as they were thoroughly given the beating of their life by the staff community right in front of all other students. Their clothes torn and all, their driver is the only one spared. This wasn't a small matter as the school's gate was locked.

Imagine been humiliated along side your family in front of the whole school especially if you are the forming one.The mother still had mouth after the embarrassment. some people just lack shame.

The kid was given automatic expulsion, no need to even reconsider, as the family had lost all hope of reconciliation.

Molara Brown

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