Just Love the Bus

My love for public transport is undying
Because that us where you get first-hand life drama. not the re-enacted version we see on tv
there is no remix to these type of experience and drama...there is no dull moment. Last Friday was on crazy boring day for me, left the office quite late as i intended to hang out with friends later...

Got on a bus to Obalende from the Idowu taylor end of adola odeku and I just laughed all through my journey to obalende...the driver and his conductor where just provoking. I actually thought the driver would have an heart attack, omo na small remain. Trouble started when we all refused to pay 70, na so the guy start to dey shout and told us to all get down...we refused and he started going thing we were going to pay 70 naira. The people paid 50 naira and na so wahala start oh...He parked at the next bus-stop and told us all to get down...even one was like he has to return us to the place he picked us from. One guy actually asked his reason for increasing the fare and and he said that is not our business as he ask the guy how much he dey collect.

There was this particular lady who was really vocal and that was how he faced the woman oh...saying he was going to deal with her, especially her...all the men dey talk he no follow them yan, but for the woman he open him 36...he actually attempted to drag the woman from the bus...omo this wahala no be small and nobody gree come down. I was just too tired to start looking for another bus. The driver just chanelled all his anger on the woman like say na she cause the whole kasala...He guy provoke sote, dey spit for people body with his noise...We all sha pitied him and agreed to pay the 70naira.

Round two
The Lady and the Conductor
after the first casala was settled, it was time to pay money, the lady sure does love trouble. She refused to give the conductor money saying he would give her change before he collects his money...na so conductor too start to dey provoke oh...this was even the worse as he threatened to beat up the woman....

My own laughing gas just dey leak...I don't know what the lady did to them, but she was the one who beared the wrath of these two angry men...When the men are talking, they would not reply but if the lady mention just a word, they would poubce on her...that is seriously not fairand gender inequality...the whole situation was just too funny to me to even utter a word...I just cannot give this cinema up any time soon, it is free and shown to all....

Molara Brown

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