What some ladies do and endure just to keep a relationship is crazy sometimes.
They feel the guy is the best thing that has happened to them and would just continue to compare the other guys to him.

This girl is a very good friend of mine and she is really cool. She is in some tight dilemma right now. She just found out some months back that her boyfriend of so long has impregnated another girl. All this happened while she was getting rid of theirs because she thought they were not ready and had no resources to welcome a new mouth.

The guy had told her that a friend of his whom she knew had gotten some girl pregnant and did not know how to tell her. He was seeking her advice on what they should do and my friend was giving her own opinion oblivious of the fact that the guy was just trying to get her reaction. When she gave me the gist, I just kind of knew it was the story of her life but just did not know how to tell her that. I mean, how can you tell your friend that you are sure her boyfriend is lying to her. The story was just too obvious except to my friend.

This is a guy she has been with for four years now, and when he asks a girl out, he always ends up telling her. So am thinking, he forgot to mention this particular escapade. I don’t know how she does it, but she takes a lot of crap from this guy. He tells her who he asks out, who he sleeps with and even gets to ask some girls out in her presence. When she goes visiting, she meets girls in his house. She takes all this craps because she believes he is the man for her; she said something about some vision. There are days when she wants to break up, but because of this lousy vision, she feels she has to remain in it. Some people get to live their live based on some vision, if some pastor or Alfa say they are compatible, they stick their neck into it, even when they are obviously not compatible.

The other girl’s pregnancy was a great blow, but the guy keeps telling her, she is the woman he would marry. The girl has been moved to the guy’s family house and she the already known girl has no choice but to accept the fact that someone else is going to deliver the first child of her husband to be.

This same thing happened to a classmate of mine, whose boyfriend got some girl pregnant on his first ever trip to London and she got to read about this in his mail. The thing is that my classmate and her boo know each other’s password and I guess the bobo forgot to delete, the other lady’s message. They are also about four years old in their relationship. She cried her eyes out and was kind of troubled, but at the end of the day, they went back together. Her excuse, she has not met anybody who can do more than he is doing in her life, which is basically material. She knows he flirts a lot but expects the girl to be the one to look the other way.

I’m just not the kind of person, who can take such things. I mean a guy who cheats on you openly before marriage, what happens after the marriage, which is for better or worse...
Some say it is not that easy to break up a long relationship, because every one expects them together after such a long time. Why not opt out before it gets to that for better or worse part... Why should one go through all that stress and live a miserable life…
Just because it is expected rather ones happiness….

Molara Brown

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