I don tire for makama girls and fights...the most annoying part of it is that they always have these fights early in the morning.You know those times when you enjoy the sleep... In the last few weeks...we have been witnessing serious fights among these girls. The fights are usually between bunk is real bad living with difficult bunk mates especially if they are on the lower bunk. being on the lower bunk give you serious edge over your mates as if there is a fight it is the person on the upper bunk that suffers.

The really serious one happened weeks back when one of the girls strangled the other and when asked why she allowed the devil use her...all she said was the other girl had boasted that she was the winner in the earlier fight in the morning and so if she strangled and killed her-every one would know who the winner of the fight is...( what a stupid statement)...can never imagine myself having such crazy thought. The other fight happened some days back and it was also so stupid and dumb as the first one...just that it was not as crazy as the first one.

Ironically the fight always occur between yoruba and igbo girls...and the yoruba girls always rally round to defend themselves. This got the igbo girls talking that any time such fights happening again,they would all gang up and defend their own...they made such statements like the yoruba only eat "amala" unlike igbo who eat thick "eba" and "apu"...

Though I always long to watch fight I would not really like to be around for a the last serious fight I witnessed was like three years ago at moremi hall which would have turned a disaster...

♥ Lara

Molara Brown

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  1. lol.

    Thank Goodness we had our own seperate beds.

    but Igbo gals can be so heady ooh

    na dat akpu den dey shop