I am really sad and angry...sad at the death of a neighbour and angry at the cruel murderer who put an end to his life abruptly.

Cultism to me was an over flogged issue...until recently. Cultism was a thing of the past and old fashioned. Maybe because in my school it is a coded thing...I have being introduced to a couple of guys who are said to be cultist in school but they all seem normal and since no act of violence has being perpetrated by these guys in recent years...I was never bothered by their activities and I don't step my boundaries. I narrowly escaped a cultist attack in a school way back in 2003 but it has seen being a stale gist in my life...

Yesterday night my neighbor came to inform us that his wife's brother was killed five days ago. This is one guys I have always admired...He was cool, respectful, quiet, easy going and really cute (though i am told this was a facade). He was killed in school during a cult clash at a party...His remains was found four days after in the bush by the police, who contacted his father... His brother-in-law had to identify and bury him in the town yesterday...What a way to live and be buried...he is an only son with lots of sisters...His death is to remain a secret from the family(only the parents and in-law know, even the wife is left in the dark).

My Perfect image of the guy came crashing as I was informed that he had always being a cultist...having had to be expelled from his first school in his final year over same issue...He nearly lost his life then...He had to start school all over from the beginning and still he went back to the same thing that nearly killed him...and that same thing has ended his life. What a shameful way for a PASTOR one and only son to die... His death is to be kept a is convenient and a good lie can be come up with... As my mother says it is nemesis that caught up with him. 

Just that I don't want to change my beautiful image of him and I pray to God Almighty to forgive him his sins...and to his killer may nemesis also catch up with him

Molara Brown

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