I have been in a semi-serious relationship for couple of weeks now with this guy whom I really liked. What attracted him to me was his straightforwarness and intelligence. I actually enjoyed hanging out with him because he was so much fun to hang with.

A week into our relationship, I found out he had a serious relationship with some lady who is not based in lagos. I didn't mind, as I wasn't interested in been serious with him and it was much more convenient for me.

But lately, I feel the need to break free from the relationship as I don't feel happy in it anymore-not that he has done anything wrong. He does all he can in his own best way to always be there and make me happy. There is just the feeling in me that the connection is no longer there and His attention is divided between the lady and I.

There are too many issues to contend with and am not sure I want to deal with such issues now. There comes a time when a woman wants her very own man, not a man who is already taken and whose attention is taken
What I want is a relationship with endless possibilities and a man I can also share my dreams,plans, success and fears with. he can't offer me these, afterall no one is able to offer what is not his/her to offer.Having said these, I wished things were different and He was mine to love.

I am deciding not to sette for less in life as well as love

Molara Brown


  1. Well,

    Many of us dont like the idea of been seen as second best, more over it comes in extremely important that we give everything in our care the best possible attention so to realise a tremendous positive result.

    Therefore if its not worth it, then its not worth doing. So first question to ask yourself is, is it worth it with this guy?

    ones you answer this question then you are on your way to making it the best situation thats good for you based on the realities at ensue.



  2. Am not sure i know who this person is but .. my comment would be "Keep it real girl .. u are a very wonderful girl .. and sure .. u will find that .. Love ... cos u deserve to have it "