"ATTITUDE"- My vice

I have been accused of having an attitude and am told i don't relate well with people. I am not trying to defend my self but I believe different people have different opinions of me. As regards the issue of attitude, I know i am kind of guitly of these but I believe we all have our weakness and mine should not be used against me. Those who accuse me of having an attitude only jugde me from that angle and have refused to see and accept the other side of me.

I have an attitude only when I am not in the mood and I believe I have the right to mood swings which is peculiar to all human beings. When I am in a bad mood, I love being alone and not bother, till I get my self back, but that is when every see seems to get on ma nerve.

Right now I am trying all I can to overcome my attitude problem but i believe it's not fair for people to use it against me.

Molara Brown

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