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On Sunday, September 6, I attended the book launch/reading of web and applications developer now author,  Seye Kuyinu.

The plan was to attend this event with my former colleagues turned friends
Actually the plan was to have buffet and attend the book reading in Bogobiri, all of a sudden everyone had one thing or the other to do.
That is how I ended up going solo.

My plans are getting cancelled left, right and center. I have decided solo is the way to go.
Nowadays I mentally prepare myself to hear excuses from people once the event date is near.

Back to the matter, this is my first visit to Bogobiri and I must say I love the interior. I intend to visit again and actually taste the food which I have heard so much about.

It was an evening of good music, reading and catching up with Dayor.
Currently reading the book and I shall give my review soon.

This young lady right here is good.

Camera: Nikon D3100 and HTC 526G
Lens: 50mm


Molara Brown


  1. Great Book title I must say. And sometimes we have to walk life's road alone in order to live. I am glad you went even when your friends cancelled.
    Have a super blessed day!

  2. It was nice seeing you. I diluted your solo runs a little, yea ? :d

    1. The dilution was good, was glad to run into you again.

  3. Yea. Bogobiri's interior is very unique. You can tell it was well thought out.

    Disobedience temporarily disfigured my face