Wonders of Ilorin: Central Mosque of Ilorin

I fell in love with this mosque from the very first day I saw its beautiful minarets.
Every time I visit Oja oba, I would gaze at the mosque and be amazed by its beauty.
But I was always shy to capture the beautiful piece of architecture.
I was also turned off from capturing this structure because couldn't view the interior which I am told is really beautiful.
Women are not allowed to pray inside the Masjid.
But then I couldn't refuse capturing this beautiful architecture.

Rumor has it that every piece asides the blocks were imported from Pakistan.

These pictures did not do justice to the beautiful edifice.
Photograph was taken by my former assistant back in May.
It was taken during a visit to the Emir's palace and when I couldn't make the trip, I  begged him to take it for me on my Nikon Camera.

May the month of October be fulfilling and bring to us all glad tidings.

Photograph: Vincent Akolo
Camera: Nikon Coolpix L810


Molara Brown


  1. it's beautiful... lovely photos :)

  2. Simply captivating! See as the sun reflects on it...barka da sallah, sistah.

  3. Good job! How do manage posting regularly with all these pictures and a regular job?
    I am based in Scotland and run a afrispheric.com , which is just two months old and its a lot of work posting daily with pictures...