Where Do I go from here

"Mo ti so riburuku oh" ( I am doomed)
"Egba mi" ( Please help)
Like a banshee she ran
Like a banshee, her scream was piercing

I needed no soothsayer to tell me, those were the words and screams of a mother
A mother who is on the verge of losing a child or
whose child was already dead.
Turns out it was the former...She had just lost her child

Her child had fallen into a well located at the back of their house
by the time he was brought out, he was already dead.
He was in his late teens
Yet another soul gone.
Even if the world does not remember him, his family would
particularly the woman who gave birth to him, nursed him
and lived to bury a child.

This morning, a tornado tore through northwestern Ohio leaving 7  dead and also over the weekend, there was a fire outbreak in Dhaka-Bangladesh, killing over a 110 people.This is few of the countless disasters that has occured this year alone and most definately not the last.

Where do they all go is the question, I know, six feet under the ground but really Our varying religion tells us about spending eternity either in heaven and hell

If I am going to see the end of the year only God knows, if I am going to live till my brownish hair turns grey, only He knows. Everyday I get the gift of life to repent for my sins and right the wrongs of yesterday.

Everyday Asa's song ring in my head, if I die someday,

"Will I be in heavenly places ?
Singing halleluiah with an angel
On the piano or will I be
Just another contribution
To the earth, the tress, the grasses"

I crave heaven, yes we all do but what do i do to make sure that is where I end.
Today is another day for me to make a decision and move towards Heaven that crave.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. This is amazing...

    I like

  2. wow!
    thanks for sharing :-)

  3. You have touched me so deep from the very first line. I also want to share in the heavenly graces and I thank God for life everyday.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. what do i do to make sure that is where I end - if you believe there's a place called heaven, then you know what you need to do to get there. :)

    I like this. Quite introspective

  5. wow, am just seeing the video of the haiti for the first time as i current reach,nice one

  6. amazing read. thanks for sharing.

  7. WORD!

    May God help us. With all the happenings around the world, one must always stop to think about eternity. Thanks Lara

    - LDP

  8. I co-sign all those that said wow and how amazing this post is!!

  9. Lara, this is quietly sad...sobering i guess.
    For the little that i know via your blogs,you'll have loooooooooooong sweeeeeeeeeeeeet and fulfiling journeys on planet earth and divine thereafters.

  10. so touching!

    ...absolutely touching!